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Season Finale this Sunday!

Kennedy Town FC is eager to get a promotion in Yau Yee League.

Top Pest Control Company Limited has been sponsoring Kennedy Town Football Clube since 2022. Our team has shown their potential in getting a promotion in the Yau Yee League this year with only 1 more win away.

The season final match will be performed on 30 April 2023 at King's Park.

Kennedy Town FC is currently top 3, if winning the next game, they have a chance to get promotion to division 3.

Yau Yee League

The Yau Yee League is a "premier amateur football league" in Hong Kong formed in 1976. It has grown into a popular league, which today comprises four divisions and 50 teams. It's one of the most historical football league in Hong Kong. HKU'70s is one of the longest member of this league. This is a well-structured league which provide intensive amateur football matches, and entertainment for both the players and audiences.

Kennedy Town FC

Kennedy Town FC is a diversive team, they have Muslim players, British-Chinese players, French players, Hong Kong locals etc. As a new team joining the Yau Yee League, KTFC has been performing well and maintain top 3 on the score board. At the end of the season, if KTFC can reach top 2 in division 4, they will be receiving a promotion to division 3 for next season.

Kennedy Town FC Instagram: kennedytownfchk

Highlights of previous matches: Bapcoll vs Kennedy Town FC (left), Kennedy Town FC vs Irish Harps FC (right)

Top Pest Control Sponsorship

As a local company, we want to dedicated support to the development of local sports. Pest control are often related to the sport grounds and venues maintainance. While some people think it is usual to be bitten by mosquitos and other insects when playing sports. Most of the standard venues have standard procedure in pest control to ensure the quality. Top Pest Control sponsor Kennedytown FC becuase they are a new team joining the league, and we are a new local business in HK. We hope to grow and develope our brand together with a strong bond. To lead our clients to like the local football and the football auidence to know our service at Top Pest Control.

Let's wich Kennedy Town FC the best for the up-coming match!

Know more about Yau Yee League:

Yau Yee Football League 友誼足球聯賽 by HKJC Junior Sports Reporter


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