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Congratulations to our staff on receiving Advanced Pest Control Level 3 certification

Our professional commitment

Pest control sounds practical and technical, but in Hong Kong, there is no licensing system for the service provider. The current system only regulates the storage, packaging and re-packaging and the import & export of pesticides. Pest control service operators and technicians fall in the category of blue-collar, in Hong Kong, there are not many courses provided by accredited schools. However, there is a lot of knowledge behind this operation, such as pest knowledge, their life span and habitat, the problems they might cause and the safety of chemical or bio-pesticides.

Top Pest Control Company Limited has always been focused on our service quality, and the training of our staff in order to help our clients to fight the battle against pests. While Hong Kong is humid and warm, and the city is so crowded, it is difficult to prevent pests hazards if we do not take any actions. The local TVB program "Scoop" (東張西望) often reports cases of "cockroaches house", and "rodents house" in urban areas. That is related to our special city structure, in Hong Kong, restaurants are everywhere, in industrial buildings, commercial business buildings, below residential buildings etc. Top Pest Control Company Limited supported our staff to obtain the Pest Control Certificate accredited by the Institution of Hospitality in 2022. Our restaurant clients had provided positive feedback since. Our current clients include bakeries, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants and bars covering busy districts such as Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, and even New Territories.

Recently, our staff has completed the Advanced Pest Control Level 3 Certificate accredited by the International Accreditation Programme (IAP) and CPD. Which follows the United States standard. In order to provide better services and help our clients. Our technical director, Jimmy, will continue leading our team, to ensure our service quality.

Top Pest Control Company Limited also offers disinfection services, Formaldehyde Removal, and Bed Steamming Service (Bed Bugs Control). This year, we are also developing our own natural repellent products.

We also provide quarterly, and monthly plans for businesses in Hong Kong. We also serve schools, hospitals, nursing houses, food processing venues etc. Please feel free to contact us.

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