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New Service with SPESHAL

Pest Control x Fragrance for better experience and health. We are proud to announce our new service with for fragrance products and room spray machines installation.


Speshal is our business partner, a local company focused on creating original fragrance products. Their aromas are safe and pleasant to use, and all aroma ingredients are approved by IFRA. They hold perfume and aroma workshops, and certification courses and customise fragrances for businesses.

About the service

Top Pest Control Company Limited will help you to install the room spray machine, in your shops, in the toilets, in your office... etc. We will charge a monthly service fee depending on the fragrance you selected, the amount of room spray machines you required and the amount of fragrance liquid you need. Currently, our plan comes with 1 machine with 1L fragrance liquid and we will refill it for you every time when we come for your regular pest control service.

Why fragrance with pest control?

In ancient times, people use natural aromas to use as repellent and it is still common in nowadays society. The smells and the chemical compounds from natural products such as wood, flowers, and plants have the effect of preventing mosquitos, flies, and other insects. Top Pest Control understands good smells can also make people happy and helps with stress relief. We believe this brings our clients good health and create the atmosphere of your home, business, and venues!

Interested? Contact us for more information!

Vote for the fragrance you like the most here:

Fragrance you like the most 您最喜歡的香味

  • Jasmine

  • Forest

  • Romantic

  • Lemonade


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