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Pest Control Service (Quarterly Plans)

Book your quarterly general pest control service.

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  • 客戶處


For businesses such as restaurants, office and schools that require quarterly general pest control services. Maintain a pest-free environment and high standards of hygiene. Valid for 12 months, 4 times Pest Control Services included in this plan. General Pest Service: The operation may carried out by use of pesticide fogging, spraying, gel placement depending on the actual environment needs. Effective to prevent: Cockroaches, Fleas, Ants, Flies, Mosquito *This plan does not include: Rodent, Bees, Termites, Bedbugs, or any services that require traps set up, removal of hives, constructional works. How to book? After purchasing this plan, you will be able to book your next pest control service on our website. Invoice and Service Reports: You will be given an account on our website after purchasing the plan. Your invoices, receipts will be uploaded to your membership account. You can check and download the documents anytime. If you require a specific service report for your company, please contact us in advance. Book your date and time here!




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