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單次一般滅蟲服務 General Pest Control Service

  • 1 小
  • 600 Hong Kong dollars
  • 客戶處


600呎或以下 突然發現被野咬?見到屋企/Office有蟲蟲痕跡? 單次一般滅蟲服務主要針對突發性蟲害 服務以噴灑/焗霧/放置藥物以殺滅害蟲 包括:蟑螂,螞蟻,蚊蠅,跳蚤等能一次性殺滅害蟲 不包括:老鼠,白蟻,床蝨,蜂或其他需要設置陷阱,或需要進行工程,或需移除巢穴的滅蟲服務 General Pest Control Service Service may carried out by spraying/fogging/pesticide placement Including: cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, fleas, etc. can kill pests at one time Excludes: Rats, termites, bed bugs, bees or other pest control services that require trapping, or engineering, or removal of nests




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