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Nightmare of Properties Owner - Termites

If you don't know, termites have plagued the earth for over 120 million years. Known as the "silent vandal", many property owners in Hong Kong and surrounding Southeast Asia suffer. If you have watched the Japanese program [Almighty Home Renovation], it should not be difficult to find that the underground wooden structures 8 out of 10 in those renovation projects are eroded by termites, especially in coastal areas. No one wants to find this pest in their home because it can quickly destroy wooden structures.

Hong Kong is humid and hot. During the rainy season and the wind blows, the doors and windows of the home are always closed to prevent the invasion of flying ants. And these flying ants are sometimes evolved from the worker ants of winged termites. Summer is the breeding season, and their job is to mate and build new nests. In fact, ants and termites are different insects, but ants also grow wings during the breeding season. How to tell the difference? The most obvious is that termites have a pair of rosary-shaped straight antennae, while the antennae of ants are usually zigzag/bended.

There are now more than 2000 different known species of termites worldwide. There are more than 20 species commonly found in Hong Kong. The following five are the termites that we often deal with: Coptotermes formosanus, Macrotermes barneyi, Odontotermes formosanus, and flower chest Reticulitermes fukiensis and Cryptotermes dudleyi.

"I don't know how to check it out?"

The name is long and there are many types. Don't you know the termites? In fact, there are still the following methods to infer:

Ant Road

Termites build muddy tunnels to keep moisture in their range. Ant Road will look like what you see in the picture, dark brown, tart, three-dimensional. Commonly found in door cracks, ceilings, and walls.

Ant colour

Termites tend to have lighter shades of white and brown, while ants are more likely to have darker shades. Such as black, brown.

Surface features of ants

Most of the waists of termites are straight bucket waists, which are thicker and the waists of ants are thinner.

In terms of wings, the front and rear wings of termites are equal in size, that is, the same size. The hind wings of ants are noticeably thinner than the front wings.

"If you don't use wooden furniture, you won't be afraid of termites?"

Although termites mainly eat wood. But it turns out that termites are extremely destructive! During foraging, termites can penetrate non-wood fiber materials such as plaster, plastic, rubber, styrofoam, soft metals, etc.

We once had a case where small holes that were invisible to the naked eye had been wormed out of the smallpox, but after testing these small holes can drip water, we can see the degree of damage. Many people think that termites only cause damage to wood.

Termites are still active insects around the world, and only regular pest inspections can prevent them. Once the serious structural damage is found in the interior, the worst plan may even have to be redecorated.

If termites are found

Remind everyone not to try to remove termites by yourself. Improper medication may cause termites to shift positions. The price of spreading is high home maintenance costs and more follow-up of pest control. If termites are found, be sure to contact an exterminator immediately. We will be able to make the best solution for you.

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