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Chemical Spraying

​Terms and Conditions

Items not included:

There are exclusions for each service item, and Top Pest Control will list the exclusions on the service order. Once the service order is confirmed, it means that you have agreed to the service content.


Extreme weather and social events:

In the event of natural disasters (red or black rainstorm warning, typhoon signal No. 8, landslides, earthquakes and other extreme weather), major social events (such as blockade of buildings or roads, compulsory quarantine), it cannot be implemented on the day Service, the service date will be postponed to the next working day or the next service date agreed by both parties.

Not Compensation Matters:

  1. Complaints are made 7 days after a single service has been completed or has been implemented.

  2. Exacerbation of pests due to external sources of pests (e.g. pests entering the shop due to poor sanitation around the shop).

  3. Pests caused by the client's environmental sanitation (uncovered trash cans, food residues not cleaned, etc.).

  4. Change the environmental structure of the shop/restaurant according to the needs of the pest control work (such as drilling holes for medicine, cutting holes or cutting boards to find mice or animal carcasses, or using materials such as nets or glue to close pest nests, etc.).

  5. Complaints and claims are made simply because customers are not satisfied with the service and fail to provide conclusive evidence.

  6. Discoloration or damage of furniture and equipment at the service location due to the use of insecticide chemicals, or natural insecticides.

  7. If bait needs to be set up during the service process, the proper pest control will stick a warning label or words in the conspicuous place, and explain or report the setting location of the pesticide bait to the customer. Preventing someone from accidentally ingesting pesticides in service areas such as restaurants/schools/offices is not the responsibility of Top Pest Control, and proper pest control is not responsible for any legal responsibility and compensation caused by accidental ingestion of pesticides.


Use of names and trademarks:

Once the service order is confirmed, it means that you have agreed to properly display the pest control on the website or publicity publications and your case such as business partnership, the case and results of the pest control case. Top Pest Control can provide certificates of completed pest control or disinfection services upon request, and customers can post them in stores, schools, restaurants, nursing homes, etc.


Changes and transfers:

Once a service order is confirmed, the service cannot be transferred to a third-party customer.

If a customer subscribes to regular services / regular plans / services with discounts (packages / plans / discounted orders), the service location cannot be transferred from location A of the original contract to another location, for example: the same customer under the same service Another store with a different order is location B.

If Chinese and English translations are varied, the terms and conditions will follow the Chinese version as the final explanation. 

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